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The Story of Silly Bean

Welcome to Silly Bean Soap Company!


Hey there! So glad you stopped by our little corner of the internet. Here on the Walker farm, we're all about family, fun, and of course, fabulous skincare! With a small flock of East Friesian dairy sheep lovingly known as "The Girls," my husband, kids, and I work together to care for and milk these adorable creatures. While they tend to the girls, I'm busy in the soap kitchen, whipping up batches of our oh-so-delicious soap, lotion, and body butter. It's a real team effort, and let me tell you, I couldn't do it without their support.


My journey into soap-making began during a challenging time in my life. While recovering from surgery and unable to participate in my normal daily routine, a friend suggested I explore the art of soap making. Intrigued by the chemistry behind it, I dove headfirst into the craft. As someone who struggled with adult acne, splotchy, and irritated skin, and an autoimmune disease (hence the surgery),  I was determined to create a gentle cleansing soap that would leave skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. With a focus on high-quality ingredients and the creamy goodness of sheep milk, that's exactly what you get with Silly Bean Soap Co. skincare products.


At Silly Bean Soap, we take pride in creating small batches of skincare products using only the finest ingredients available. Our soap is lovingly crafted with sheep milk, along with the best quality oils, lye, essential oils, and fragrance oils. Because each batch is made by hand, every bar of soap possesses its own unique rustic charm.


So, here we are, whipping up batches of Silly Bean Soap Co. goodness just for you. Every recipe is personally tested and approved by me. If it doesn't meet my standards, it won't make it onto your skin.


Thank you for choosing Silly Bean Soap Company. We're honored to be a part of your skincare journey and look forward to helping you achieve healthy, glowing skin, naturally.  After all, EWE deserve to love the skin you're in!



Charming duo: Twin sheep look up with inquisitive eyes.
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