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Oh, my goodness! These sheep milk products are the best! You can tell they are made from top notch ingredients. Their fragrances are out of this world. They make your skin feel so supple and smooth, and they have a long shelf life. A perfect gift for those special women and girls in your life.
I absolutely love them. I love the fragrances but most of all I love how good they are for my hands. I was getting eczema on my hands from the soap at work but when I use your soaps there's no more eczema!!!
A fan, Rene'
Silly bean Soap and lotion is the BEST! Living in the dry climate of the Central Oregon high desert has a way of sucking the moisture right out of your skin, but your soaps and lotion keep my dry skin soft and hydrated. Thank you for making such a wondrful product. Your sheep are pretty cute, too!
Long Live Your Soap

To get the longest life possible out of your soap make sure to keep it out of the direct flow of water in your shower. Set the soap in a dish with holes or on a shower rack and let it dry out between uses.
How It's Done

Silly Bean soap is made in small batches and cut by hand. While I try to replicate the exact look with each batch, because it is a handmade product there will be natural variation throughout the bars. 

The FDA sets forth regulations that prohibit a bath and body company from making health-related claims regarding their products. The information provided on this website pertains to the ingredients in the product, not the products themselves.



Prineville, Oregon

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